About Me


My name is Martin Hengst. I write things, play games, and generally get far too excited about all manner of geekery.

I have a deep-rooted love of science-fiction and fantasy. The very first novel I ever read (outside of school work) was Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. I’d spend the next thirty years tinkering with stories of my own until I finally found the guts to self-publish The Last Swordmage in 2012.

Fun stories packed with excitement and adventure that don’t take themselves too seriously are my favorite and I do my best to write what I love to read.

When I’m not navigating the dark and twisty paths of self-publishing, I enjoy playing Pathfinder, Cards Against Humanity, Fluxx, Chrononaughts, and Antidote with my friends and family. To list the video game franchises I’ve enjoyed would take more space than I’m willing to allot to this page, but suffice it to say: there are many. Of course, as a self-respecting geek, I have to mention my life-long love of Star Wars, so there’s one more box I can check off the list.

I live in south central Pennsylvania with my loving wife, my son, my daughter, chosen family, and two cats. I’m surrounded by love and laughter and it makes getting up every morning much easier.

I’d love to be the guy who sells a million books and is adored by thousands of fans…but really, I’d be happy just with the thousands of fans. I’d also like to be the kind of guy you’d want to sit down, grab a beer, and talk geek stuff with (except I don’t care for beer), so if you’d like to chat feel free to drop me a line here.

Please don’t hesitate to connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Oh, and hey…thanks for stopping by!