Volinette’s Song FREE This Week 10/23-10/27

Volinette’s Song is one of my favorite things to have written. Volinette has a special place in my heart and I enjoy her contribution to the world of Solendrea. For whatever reason, fewer people have read about Volinette and her entry into the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences.

This week, Volinette’s Song is FREE on Amazon, and I highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t had a chance to read this Solendrea adventure take the opportunity to do so. Please share this news with your friends and family or anyone who might enjoy a rousing tale of swords and magic, monsters and mayhem.

I’d really like to get Volinette’s Song into the Top 100 Free list on Amazon, and I can only do that if you, your friends, and anyone you know will take a few moments to go and download a copy, so please show your support.

Thank you!


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